Norli Lana is driven by the vision to produce a high-quality Italian yarn in a soft Nordic color scale. Only using pure natural fibres manufactured with high respect for the animals and our environment. Sustainability is essential at Norli Lana. We limit the use of plastic to an absolute minimum. All orders are sent in recycled bags of paper. Labels are made from recycled paper, as are all other paper used related to Norli Lana.
When the dream to start a new yarn label began, it was essential to only 100% pure natural fibres, no synthetic fibres such as acrylic, polyamide or polyester. At the same time, Norli yarns must be produced with respect for the animals and our environment. In addition to these three essential criteria, it was important not to compromise on Italian yarn's high quality. After more than one year, Norli Lana was a reality and the Italian manufacturers that could fulfil all the requirements were found.
-      Norli merino wool comes only from farms where mulesing are not allowed.
-      Norli mohair only comes from angora goats, raised on farms that can guarantee humane treatment of the animals.
-      Norli Giza cotton is only from the best Long Staple and Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton fibres, which ensures an exclusive, elegant and shiny result. Our cotton is 100% produced in Italy under the guidelines of the Better Cotton Initiative (BIC).
All the raw materials are traceable and a part of the TextileGenesis program that ensure transparency all the way from the fibre to retail. When the manufacturers process our yarns, they are following very high ethical and environmental guidelines. Not only to create our high-quality yarn without harmful chemicals but also in great respect for their employees.
Norli continuously stir to improve and love to hear from our customers, so please feel free to write to us at contact@norli.it
Hope to inspire your creativity.